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Friday, April 3, 2015

Makeup Musings: Contouring Pictorial

Sometimes I want #cakeface ... Jk 
If you haven't checked out my YT contouring routine here's a glimpse. The finish look is what I'd probably wear if I'd attend my prom now-a-days. Let me know if you want some prom tutorials! :)

Step 1: After correcting and concealing the under eye area (you have read that correctly that's a video in itself) I highlight the area, using Anastasia Beverly Hills Medium Cream Contour kit, (the banana color) but not directly under my eyes so as to not highlight the groove or bags I got going on. I map out the cream contour with Laura Mercier Contour kit using color 1 and a duo fiber brush to blend it out as I lay it down. The brush I love for this is MAC 159.

Step 2: I blend it all out with my favorite thing ever a damp Beauty Blender (but like, who uses this dry???)  Then I take an awkward selfie.

Step 3: I realize I can make this a pictorial and set the contour with medium/dark MSF natural from MAC.

Step 4: I set the in between zones with the Light/Medium MSF (as well as what didn't get touched by creams, thus setting the foundation) and blurr out the harsh lines where the contour and highlight meet.

Step 5: I always set my under eyes with Laura Mercier secret brightening powder 1. Now I buff out the excess and buff in a little Light MSF natural from MAC.

Step 6: Now I set the rest of the highlight areas.

Step 7:  I use   The Balm Mary-Lou Manizer to make my cheeks Pop.

What do you think??

I also break down the contour kits down, and even if I don't talk about a specific one, it's a great guide as to what to look for in one,if you are on the market for Contour Kit, either cream or powder.


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