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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Laura Mercier v. elf : Battle of the Setting Powders

This all started with this post on my IG. The Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder running at $23 and the elf high def under eye setting powder are so similar, that having bought both I actually felt duped. Seemingly so similar, I decided to go ahead and try to wear them both at the same time, one on one eye the other on the other- the ultimate dupe challenge. 

I hate the term dupe, simply because things don't tend to be dupes for each other in my opinion. Regardless, these were so similar, I had to try them out.

There is considerably much more in the LM little man than in the elf one. Period.

I couldn't find the exact amount that elf packs into its little pot, but it runs you about $3 and Laura Mercier was about $23 for 4g. Wish we could do a per gram analysis, but maybe next time. 

First difference arose in application. The Laura Mercier pod is much larger, having so much more product. That means I can get a lot more of the product on my my beauty blender and set the area quicker. The elf powder is almost too packed in, and being so tiny the little pod, it becomes a freaking mission to get enough product to cover adequately (to my standards, a rushed makeup artist). 

The product On the Skin:
Minor differences arose. A detail oriented stickler who hate dupes, there are differences. I like the Laura Mercier one better for application, it won that round. Not only this, but it seems to set the concealer quicker, drying out all excess moisture leaving the canvas under the eyes ready for everything else beautiful. The elf does this as well, but not in the same way that LM does (this could be because of ease with which I could grab product from the LM and I probably used more).

Important to note, each has a little bit of this little bit of this glitter/reflective quality to it. Here's where the LM won me over. It didn't translate to any video or any picture, but in real life, the elf side made me feel very Twilight-y. Yup. I would have never noticed until I did the test, bc the elf product was one of my die-hands and still is ( I still recommend it at the price-point).

The glitter-y effect was only noticeable because my other side wasn't nearly as glitter-y (so technical). Otherwise, I would have never detected it.

So there you have that!!

So pics for ya:


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1 comment :

  1. I always like reading about comparisons. Nobody wants their under eye area to look like Twilight! Lol! I've heard great things about both, but I would only try the LM one. Thanks!