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Sunday, February 8, 2015


So I just got into these and I thought sharing the un-boxing experience would be nice so here's this post. :)

Yea, the packaging is on point with a "Fragile"on the outside and this foam all inside. ::Clapping emoji::

Then a handwritten note with a joke. haha. Loves it.

I was excited for this little man, because these are a different formula. They're like spongy and then dry to a powder. 

The finishes are all different. There is glitter to metallic and apparently matte now (didn't get any of those). 

They come with this beautiful scaly embossed pattern that is gone the second you swatch them. lol 

(So none of the little boxes say the name of the shadows... only the shadows themselves have the names... amazing organization must be happening over there... just a btw).

And the swatch-city chick is back:

From Left to Right:
1) Liberty
2) LaLa
3) So Quiche
4)3 (I should have so swatched this 3rd I know!)
5) Hammered
6) Bae
7) Krinkle
8) Shameless
9) Lace
10) Dare
11) Fantasy

First Impressions:

I'm loving the 2 metallics Liberty and LaLa (Like obsessed you need these- buy these and thank me later). The loud glitters, like Fantasy, are so incredibly vibrant that I'm super impressed. The ones in between I'm figuring it out. I think I need to play with them and then form an opinion. As of right now, I feel they photographed more beautifully than what I saw when I swatched them, and not going to lie, that's hard for something with glitter. Glitters are hard to nail and to make them mess free? We might have a winner here.

I kind of see the hype on these. I'm totally sold on the metallics and I truly can't wait to use those. That fantasy color even stained my wrist a little, which is great (in my book). I will report back on the rest!

Have you tried these?? What do you think on colourpop?


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