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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Maybelline Fitme Matte & Poreless | first impressions

So I was planning on just taping a review, but I had to stop and write this. This is the second time I use this and the main reason I wanted to try it was because the hype around it on YouTube and everywhere just smells of sponsored content. So this is not sponsored, affiliated or otherwise influenced by any money, other than the money I spent on it from my own pocket. (Thank you very much!) 

It's pretty matte, but why I'm falling in love with it, and also what makes a great foundation stand out to me, it is not drying! This is why I love true match and MUFE HD, whatever it's called. These foundations are matte but not overly drying so that skin looks like skin and not like alligator texture. I digress. This stuff works with my normal skin in Miami, that shines up my forehead and nose, without making me look 30 years older. #fan

It's buildable. Say-what? Yup! BUILDABLE! Tipito true match, but dare I say it may be buildable to a fuller coverage? This fit me matte, sets faster, making the next layer of coverage mega quick to achieve. 

I've worn it for short periods of time (I tend to do this now, only wearing foundation for a few hours on end- perhaps a post on this soon?) and it wears nicely. Oil does seep through, but I don't mind this (keeps that alligator texture at bay). It isn't significant amounts of oil, just a similar amount to say Estée Lauder? I'll pay more attention for the full review.

It looks so much better with the powder. That's the picture above. Love love love the powder. 

I haven't tried it with a primer at all, definitely will soon, but overall, this is definitely a vast improvement from the regular fit me. If you have perfect skin, don't mind putting on something that smells like sunscreen and chemicals, and that will not provide coverage, then the regular Fitme will fit you. 

If you like a great foundation, this new matte and Poreless is impressing me so far. Is it too soon to declare a fave? I mean it's contending up there with my L'Oreal truematch at the moment...

And I love my truematch...

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