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Saturday, December 20, 2014

The Too Face Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar Review & Swatches

So yes, I bit the bullet when I saw this available and I bout the Semi-Sweet Palette by Too Faced. It should be available for everyone in the new year, but for right now it is available to VIB Rouge (I believe) Members at Sephora. Kiss if Death/Approval? Oh you betcha! And you'll be surprised what I give this palette!

 So I list all of the main differences between the first one and the second in the video. I also go through everything I like and dislike. Make sure to check it out.

The main things:
-The Semi-Sweet is thinner. 
-It smells good. (Chocolate)
-The Semi-Sweet has a Black Shadow. I think a palette should always have one dark color to anchor that outer V and a Black & Dark Brown give so many options.
-It has a yellow-tone shimmer highlighter. I love the color of this highlighter. It is gorgeous for my skin tone and I find it could be more flattering on more skin tones.
-It is a more complete palette. Yup, on paper, this is what I would judge a more complete palette, especially when compared to the original. I love that in theory, there are many options to create a great-range of looks with just one palette. That to me is GOLD,

The Bad:
-Lack of pigment. I hate saying this, but there seems to be a running theme with the mattes where you have to layer them. The Blueberry Swirl, show-stopper color has no pigment. In my tutorial, I layered it with a gel liner under, and the pink glittery shadow on-top (still nothing) and then had to add Reflects Glitter in Transparent Teal in order to make it interesting and have some pop. You can also see in these pictures the matte shadows blending away instead of piling on. The black doesn't layer. Peanut Butter needs about 2-3 layers to show true to color. The best formula is the used on the Bon-Bon and the other 3 metallic shimmers, but even those aren't super buttery.
-Not too Blend-able. The crease never blended out into a gorgeous gradient! WhAT? The best aspect of the original Chocolate Bar is that blendable quality the shadows have. These you have to work.

Overall Judgement: Kiss of Death, unfortunately and regrettably.

I'm thinking that the formula will have to be improved soon. These are not up to par with what I've swatched from Too Faced and honestly, to have been excited for it and to have been this let down is awful. (Just check the video for the swatches).

I have one more tutorial with a red lip and I will be posting it, but it saddens me to say that I think this guy is going back to Sephora. I just know I won't reach for it considering I have the Lorac Pro and even have started creating a collection of MUFE artist shadows that I'd rather invest in and get 2 more of those shadows than this (just an example... I'm sure there's another Too Faced Palette I'll love and get! lol).

So What do you guys think? Sorry for the long winded rant. It's just not too fun to be anticipating something and it not be up to par quality-wise.


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