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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Quick, There's a Fire! You Can Only Grab These Things from Nov.

So I get anxiety when I make myself talk about favorites. I just feel like I can't come up with them sometimes, but I decided that it would be fun to show some of the things that I have been raving about to anyone that will listen. So let's begin! 

1. First things first, this Nars Domination Palette. It has a lot of hype around for a reason, because it's gorgeous. Yup. Check out that link for my review of it and fall in love with more pictures and the beautiful colors inside. 

2. The Marc Jacobs Face II Brush is Life. Period. I'm loving this brush. The Bronze is ok, but the Face II, is amazing. Check out my full review on this brush in the link above as well. And Hello, my hand sanitizer holder?? I know super cute!

3. I have to mention Tamanna's DRESS YOUR FACE Palette by ABH. This palette is so versatile. It's very user friendly and Noir is nice and black. I only wish it had a color like Sangria that was matte, but overall, this palette is great for newbies, MUAs and in between! Here's my #tutorialtuesday using it and also check out my GRWM: Event Glam featuring it. 

4. The Wet n' Wild Lippies in the Black Packaging (what is this line called?). Wow. Just Wow. I'm a drugstore girl, through and through, and products like these are why. I'm so happy that a lot of you guys thought so, too. 

So yea the cap can ruin the lipstick bullet a little, but who cares. These can be found for under $2- are you kidding? I'm in love with the formulas, lack of scent/taste, and insane staying power. These amazing. Hands down. Check out my Underrated Drugstore find post featuring these bad boys. 

5. My Pony Hair Slip-ons from Forever 21. Yup, I had to include these. I love the look of these because they add texture and a bit of something interesting without adding color. I love these with an all black outfit or with leather leggings and a graphic tee (my recent go-to... P.S. my t-shirt is a Mickey Mouse throw-back... mega bad-ass). 

I mention these in my First Fashion Haul, so make sure to check that out along with everything else I picked! :) 
You can check out these exact pair here: FOREVER 21 Ponyhair Slip-Ons Black 7.5

6. The Black Pleather Leggings (Insert Heart-eyes emoji here). These are bae (bacon and eggs). I love these so much! The just go with every look and are so comfortable! I can't stop raving about them. I'm about to buy a back pair because I can't imagine not having them. This pic was taken when they were new, but now they are more worn and look better (as opposed to broken like pleather usu does). I love them and you should get a pair. I wrote it. lol

Similar and actually a pair I'm thinking of getting are these: FOREVER 21 Faux Leather Moto Pants Black Medium

So what did you like this month? That's it, it's the end of an era. Last month of 2014. I'm so happy you've been on this journey with me, whether you've joined in now, or have been from day one. Un fuerte abrazo (that's how we sign off in our family).


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  1. I'm in love with everything--I'm especially taken by the leather leggings!


  2. I'm so glad you liked it! The leggings are amazing! I live in them! Xoxo