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Monday, December 1, 2014

Makeup Musings: Marc Jacobs Brushes

Remember that Sephora VIB Rouge Sale? Where I went crazy? Yea... neither. I haven't forgotten at all.

Anyways, these brushes were part of the haul and I wanted to talk about them since I think you'd be surprised to know which one I'm loving.

(Umm... and how cool is my antibacterial condom-holder guy? What is that even called? )

So the top one is the Face II and the bottom one is The Bronze. 

As I said in the video, I was on the hunt for the The Bronze brush and wound up getting the Face II upon suggestion from the Brand Executive. Let's makeup talk.

The Face II:
This is the brush that is meant to be used with the Marc Jacobs Genius Gel Foundation. THIS. BRUSH. IS. AMAZING. It is slightly slanted, kabuki-ish, and has the softest bristles ever. It must be synthetic because it does not absorb much of the product, and it buffs the genius gel in like a dream. A DREAM! I'm so into this brush. That handle is so smooth and it is slightly fatter than a regular brush (think the width of the Real Techniques face brushes), yet it is completely solid with a nice weight to it. 

I haven't used it with anything else, but the genius gel and this brush are a match made in heaven. those 2 product would be in my Marc Jacobs Cosmetics Starter Pack. 

The Bronze:
So this brush I was after for quite a while. It's one of those brushes you have on that bucket list of stuff you want to get? At least for me it was. When I was purchasing a mess of stuff the first time, I walked away with out it... and it haunted me.

Finally I got it. 

I used it with the perfecting powder. Not a huge fan with that. I used it with a bronzer (the Physician's Formula Bronze Booster little guy I'm loving!) and still haven't gotten the hang of using it and loving it for either product. Right now, I see it as an obnoxiously huge powder brush with a luxury twist. Something that looks nice on my vanity, but that I don't truly use in my makeup repertoire. Hopefully I can come up with a use for it soon.

I hope this was useful. Have you tried any of the Marc Jacobs beauty products? Let me know below! 


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