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Monday, December 8, 2014

Makeup Musings: ABH Brow Pro Palette

So Black Friday happened and all in a flurry there was a deal and all brow products were on sale so I had to take advantage and I mean it was a deal on this thing that I desperately have been wanting for such a long time and I had to get it so I had to get it... right? I mean for my kit. 

Yea that's how my mind raced thinking about the ABH Brow Pro Palette. How I'm feeling about it is pretty similar.  

So in looking for another post, I just found this post and saw it never posted! I decided to post it now!

I love this palette, even just for personal use since I get to customize my brows for different looks (DIVA!). I can deepen the color for a more dramatic look, or soften them with taupe (a God-send I would have never tried without this palette) if I want a more natural brow.

Still one fact remains. Nothing beats a brow wiz for personal use. It's just too easy to use, and the precision of the pencil makes it a staple that is too hard to let go of. 

What do you think!? 


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