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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Underrated Drugstore Finds: Wet'n Wild Lippies with Swatches | New Series

I think I have found some holy grail items at the drugstore that can't be replaced. Don't get me wrong, I have my higher end products that are always there for me, but there are some incredible drugstore products that I think need to be praised & sung about...

So I think I'm starting this new series to sing the praises of the Underrated Drugstore Finds that are amazing and we should all know about!

Here is where you come in. I would love your suggestions! Knowing what products you have found and suggest would be awesome so I can also check them out and other readers can try them out. Make sure to comment them below and in other posts as you keep finding them! It will be fun!

Today is the first post of this series, and I'm opening it up with a bang. I mean, these have become a staple in my kit. At Walgreen's when these are on sale for $1 I stock up ($1?!) 

These are my absolute favorite Drugstore Lippies (Milani comes in second... yea, these are a HUGE deal and BARGAIN!) Probably the most underrate product at the drugstore, the Wet'N Wild Lippies in this Black packaging.

 Let's indulge, shall we?

My most current pick ups 
(From left to right):
Just Peachy, Coming in Latte, Dollhouse Pink, Stoplight Red, Red Velvet

The 3 I already owned are swatched above(from left to right):
Bare it All (One of the BEST Nudes of all time! High end or Low End GET IT NOW!)
Mauve Outta Here
Cherry Bomb

I actually love the clear tops, which make it super easy to see exactly what color you're grabbing without having to open the bullet (or relying on actually knowing the name of the color). 

The only downside is that with the packaging is that the lipstick doesn't go all the way down and can get caught in the cap. This can ruin your lipstick shape or just make a mess. 

This is minor when you are using a $3 lipstick that can be bought on sale for $1! (And I almost always apply lipstick with an applicator or lip brush on clients so it doesn't quite matter.)

Definitely an awesome DRUGSTORE FIND! Get these NOW!

What do you think of these!? What are your favorite DRUGSTORE Finds? Comment below!



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  1. These look gorgeous! So many lovely shades!

    xprincessjas | ♥

  2. I own some shades and I love them!! They are good quality and the price is just right, perfect drugstore bargain!! xx

    Fabi |

  3. I praise these every chance I get and it's always my first recommendation to anyone looking to try new lipstick colors or makeup in general. Love them!