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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Underrated Drugstore Find: NYX Ultra Pearl Mania

These drugstore finds are little gems in pot sizes! 

Usually around $2.99, I have found high color payoff, long lasting, finely milled, super butter-smooth pigments from this line. 

Like before, there are a few things that still annoy me from these guys, but at this price? It may be OK. These may well be another Underrated Drugstore Find, if your drugstore actually carries them. 

Cute pic, right? Well, the main point was to show the necks. The bottle necks of these tubes make them such that you must dump some product to use the product, unless you have a hamster spatula. I don't have a brush thin enough to dump into these and that can get annoying. So this is the first issue. 

One of my biggest pet-peeves with these is that the names are on these stickers that get super nasty when you open the container. Your best bet is to leave the name on the cap, or just never really know what you're using (not an option for me). So I just kind of cut the label like this and use them with it on. I hate that the name isn't on the bottom, but small issue.

From left to right, the colors swatched are white pearl, mink vision, oro, orange zest, and last walnut.

I do like these. The pigments are amazing quality, and a little goes a long way. My only issues are with the packaging, but the product itself is topnotch! Definite Underrated Drugstore find! :) 

What do you think?

Any products you want to nominate?? Comment below!


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