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Monday, November 24, 2014

Makeup Musings: Benefit's Better Than BB Big Easy

So I'm not a huge BB fan. I just don't get it. I like this thing though, Benefit's Better Than BB Big Easy. I love that it's good for your skin, has high quality SPF, dries like a powder, and actually is easy. 

Coverage is subpar- I admit, but that's not what I use this for.I like the finish. It actually dries like a powder. It's not too buildable, but it provides something. It's just enough to not feel "naked" and not enough to look like you tried at all. 

When to where it: I reach for this guy when I'm running to Target or even as SPF (not like to the Beach- DUH). 

What I loved:  

1.This stuff will not clog your pores. That's huge for a product to claim. 
2. The SPF is super high quality and I've actually not noticed any sensitivity while using it (you know I'm sensitive TO EVERYTHING - great for a beauty blogger.) 
3.It drying like a powder is amaze-balls.
4. Applying it with my fingers makes me not care too much about the rest of my makeup (shocked emoji!) I know. I like that sometimes, though. :)

2 things I'm not at all fond of: 

1. Super limited color selection. I only found Light, Light/Medium, and Medium available? What's up with that? Fair-skinned girls are the only BB-lovers? And the Medium was light, as in my own mother can not wear the Medium and she's light. Weird.

2. Price. For not being a foundation and just being a hangout-in-this-cream cream, I found it pricey. I'd almost rather buy a foundation? I'm not sure if I'd repurchase it.

Now that I got my foot wet into this world BB and CC, and DD (Dunkin'Donuts) world, I'm excited to try more out. 

What are your favorite BB or CC or whatever creams (even Iced Latte suggestions count!)? Comment below!

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