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Monday, November 17, 2014

Kiss of Death/Approval: ABH Tamanna DRESSYOURFACE Palette

So I love Tamanna, otherwise known as @DRESSYOURFACE on IG and I love ABH. It was only fitting for me to give this palette a whirl (considering I was kicking myself for not being able to get the Amrezy one in time).  Kiss of Death or Approval? Well, I'm already a fangirl, so let's be a beauty blogger for a minute. :)

The packaging is great with a wonderful mirror. It's a sturdy cardboard material just like the rest of the ABH palettes. Inside are 10 shadows and a dual-ended brush that is actually pretty good (I ain't mad at it- I've actually used it and can see myself using it if I take this traveling). 

Would I take this traveling? Well, considering I received my palette in the mail all wrapped up with Noir shattered? I'm not sure about it. The size of it is perfect for travel, although I'm not sure the palette protects the shadows well enough.

And of course, Swatch City Chick, Swatch Swatch City Chick.

 Here is the top row of the palette:
(from left to right) Fresh (matte & and apparently my skin color), Blush , Venezia, Gilded, Custom

Here is the second row of the palette:
(left to right, again) Sangria, Bengal, Chocolate, China Rose, Noir

The palette also comes with 5 Get The Look Cards. On the back there details Pic-torials on color placements to achieve each look. Reminds me of the Too Faced Chocolate Bar, but I still love the idea of the scan for tutorials on the Lorac Mega Pro, better. 

So I ordered my palette online and it came with Noir shattered. I simply took some rubbing alcohol and just kind of squished it back together as I do with most of my shattered products. It works! One of my favorite beauty hacks! I might do a post or video on my fave hacks of all time and others that never work for me. What do you think?

It's a good palette and you can absolutely tell it was designed by a MUA. You can create a wide range of looks with just this palette and it has the perfect shadows to anchor different looks, to transition, to highlight and more. I can probably take this with to appointments and survive with it alone (although I'd be  more comfortable with some more neutral matte shades for backup.)

You do have to work with the colors to blend them, but the upshot to that is their insane pigmentation and barely to no fallout. 

Additionally, the price tag is nice, too, so I'd have to say this is a Kiss of Approval and I recommend it.

Have you tried any of the ABH shadow palettes? Which one is your favorite? Comment it below!


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