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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Makeup Musings: Some MAC MSF's

 I wanted to take a second and talk about some MSFs, MAC Mineralized SkinFinishes. These are some popular products with a hell of a cult following and I thought I'd talk about these guys for a moment since I fall in the cult-followers crowd (is that the right wording?). So let's beauty talk for a quick sec, shall we?

From right to left, these are Stereo Rose, Soft and Gentle, and Lightscapade. 

Stereo Rose is an amazing highlighted blush wash that illuminates where ever you put it. It can definitely be used as a blush alone for daily wear, but for pictures, it won't photograph so well. I'd pair it over a more pigmented blush for the full effect. Nonetheless, beautiful for fair to medium skin as blush, and for darker skin tones it could work as a highlighter. 

Soft and Gentle is one of the most popular highlighters. It can also be used as lid color, etc. I love it for pictures or nights out. It's a little chunky, in my opinion, but gorgeous. Because it isn't stark white or yellow, it looks more effortless and dare-I say, natural? in pictures.

Lightscapade. My absolute favorite in the bunch. This has grown on me, but it's just the absolute most underrated MSF in town. This is amazing. You can't O'D on this, you can't mess it up and it give the perfect glow-from-within without looking obnoxious or obvious. It's one of my absolute best finds, holy-grail (jay-Z), products, and I'm obsessed. If you're going to try one, try this. You can layer it up or just swipe it really quickly, and get a gorgeous effect. Just gorgeous. 
It took me a while to love it, but the love is real, and it's not going anywhere. 

Unfortunately, I'm not crazy enough to purchase a whisper of guilt on ebay, (or is that fortunate?) so I can't review that for you any time soon. What MSF's do you love?


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