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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Makeup Musings: October Ipsy Bag

So Yes! It's Mid-Month. We un-boxed Birchbox. It's only natural to un-bag this beauty. Let's have at it! It's October Ipsy Time!

Mascara, Hand cream, an exfoliator, lip gloss, and an amazing Nicole polish, all in that bright, patent-leather-like blue bag. I'm in-love. 

Epice Purifying Exfoliant- has little beads and is a fair sized sample. Definitely will try it out when my face clears up a bit.

Rose Berry Nouring & Soothing Hand Cream (Figs & Rouge with Shea Butter) - umm... this smells heavenly. Like Sooo good. The packaging alone is adorable, but the scent is amazing. It's super hydrating, but not gross on your hands. Dries quickly. This is an awesome product and I'm so pleasantly surprised. Knock out product #1. Love this hand cream (places it in purse).

Model Co Volumeyes - Mascara that looks promising, based on the bristles alone. Haven't tried it yet, but if you don't hear about again, it probably didn't do much for me. Let's be real.

Starlooks Gloss in Guilty Pleasure- Love, love, love, love! Wow! Talk about pleasant surprise #2! The consistency is thick (and I like that in a gloss! forget that thin crap- I want gloss that's going to last!) It's a gorgeous Nude-Pink, and apparently that is all I wear. It smells like birthday cake remix. (yum) It's nice. Knock out product #2. I kind of want to pair it with the lipstick from my Birchbox

Nicole by OPI Polish in Feeling Very Cherry - I can't wait to try this polish. My only question... Is the bottle full? lol You know what I'm saying? I feel like tomorrow I'm going to hold it up to sun and test it out. haha! Moments of Cray. Anyways, the color is gorgeous and perfect for the Fall. 

If there were to be a Birchbox v. Ipsy Showdown, Ipsy would win this month. I love the bag, the hand cream, the gloss, and the polish. Love Love Love!!

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