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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Makeup Musings: Lorac Mega Pro | X-Mas Wishlist?

It's here! The new Lorac Mega Pro!

Yea the hype was worth it. I'm loving the butter soft and mega pigmented shadows. The price is point and the shadows are ridiculous. I mean look at Indigo. Look at it!! It's screaming your name. It's screaming my name!

I wasn't going to swatch anything because of how pretty it looked, but Indigo, man. It's gorgeous. (insert heart eyes emoji) I first swatched it alone. Vomit. Then with Too Faced Glitter Glue, and voila! Magical. It's magical! I love this color! (and that amazing primer!)

P.S. I love how weird my arm looks in the lights and with the focus of the camera. eek.

Then I swatched the ones that were also screaming my name, but without any primer. In order from Indigo to faint nothing is Mulberry, Merlot, Deep Teal, and Apricot. As always, these lights do not pick up the wonder that is this Apricot color. I wish I would find it in a separate pot and just wear it all over. Apricot can be a perfect highlight/blush, mark my words. Gorgeous.

Also super neat and something I've actually thought about for such a long time (I've mentioned it to a few friends and they said it was a cool idea in an "ok-you're-a-little-crazy-girl kind of way... you know what I'm saying? haters. haha jk)- was what I found on the back of the palette. You can scan the little tag thing for tutorials. Genius! I mean you're going to search for them anyways, right? Love that!

 And here you go! Face to face. The show down. Vice 3 v. the Mega Pro. I haven't made up my mind yet, but I included the picture for you guys to see. I'm going to play with the Mega Pro some and some looks are coming your way soon, but from first impression, that Indigo color... wow. To be honest, non of the colors in the Vice 3 left me that breathless. The Mega Pro also has that Mulberry color and it's matte, which I prefer to smokeout and have in the crease. So I don't know...

What do you guys think? What are you loving? Do you love the Vice 3 or the Mega Pro or Both? Let me know!

Any looks in particular you want to see?

Thanks again for all of the support with the new youtube channel! It is called Musings of Nidia. If you haven't yet, make sure to subscribe. Fun Stuff coming your way, like Tutorial Tuesday! (Tuesday Tutorial... and the minor dyslexia comes out, lol. Oh well, we're like family now.)

I hope you've enjoyed this as much I have!


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  1. Hey, I watched in yotube that you want to get rid of a Lorac mega pro palette and I desperately want to get one! :)))) Do you still have it?