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Monday, October 6, 2014

Lorac Pro and Lorac Pro 2: Kiss of Death or Approval :)

It took me long enough after purchasing these to decide on these 2. I've been using them mainly in anticipation for the MegaPro, due out on Oct 7. Kiss of death/ approval anyone?

The the Lorac Pro and Lorac Pro 2. The first one is mainly neutrals and the second one has more cooler shades thrown in. Each has a row of totally matte shades and a second row of shimmer/almost-glitter shades. 

The Run-Down

Pigmentation: UN-freakin' REAL. If you want pigment, this is your palette. 

Color-Selection: I find that I love the 2nd Pro Palette more. It's more fun. Nonetheless, this is coming from a girl with both. I think the first one is just so basic, pigmented, buttery, and easy-to-reach for. The two palettes sort of compliment each other. 

Packaging: Superb. It's thin and you actually get a lot of each color in the pans. Great for travel, as well.

Do you need them? I would say, the first one is a must. Even though I enjoy the second one more, I'm practical enough to admit that the first one can probably be used by more people in more ways. 

What took me so long to check these out? Are there any other palettes I'm supposed to be about and am not? Let me know below!

Kiss of Death or Approval?

Both are Mega Approved! I'm obsessed with these two right now. Love them to pieces! 


Make sure to come back tomorrow for Tutorial Tuesday! Check out last week's here!

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  1. Such gorgeous palettes, i love the look of both!

    xprincessjas | ♥

  2. The Naked 3 is my favorite Naked palette! I have to completely agree with you. Thanks so much for passing by. Xx,

    Check out what I had thought of it when I first got it:

  3. I'm glad you liked them! Thanks for passing by! Xx