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Friday, October 10, 2014

Beauty Musings: Glam Glow Supermud Clearing Treatment | Hello Sexy

Can we just pause for the cause. I'm obsessed with this thing. So I included this guy in my haul and in my September Faves after just using him for like a minute. Let's talk about my new found obsession shall we?

So yes, by now you've heard that this man has miracle properties, but I can't quite talk in favor of those. 

I actually haven't noticed much on its brightening properties, or even breakouts, as of now. What has completely blown me away is how it handles the T-zone. It has been a while since I have come across a product that eliminate those super-cute blackheads (sarcasm) and those whiteheads on my chin. It even clears out clogged pores in between my brows (that I didn't really noticed were clogged before I started using this thing). My skin is so soft, it's new skin. it's amazing. I do moisturize with an oil-free but heavier moisturizer after, as I feel my skin just drink it up and I drink a lot more water that day, because my skin does look a bit more dehydrated. Nonetheless, it looks more radiant. 

If you have clogged or dull skin issues, try this. The price-tag is hefty, but I bit the bullet and don't regret. I mean, I will ALWAYS have one of these on hand and I truly want to try other Glam Glow products, ASAP. 

Have you tried this bad boy?? Or what masks are you loving for the Fall? Let me know down below.


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1 comment :

  1. I haven't tried this particular mask, but have used the Thirsty Mud & Youth Mud masks from Glamglow & loved both of them!