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Tuesday, September 9, 2014


A while back, I received my FREE #vitabox from influenster and I've been using what some can say is a random array of amazing products. Want to know what gets a kiss of approval or kiss of death? This post is all about it!

So I chugged my Pure Leaf iced tea. It's amazing. Perfect combination of tart and sweet. I live in FL, and it was August. The second the fridge made it somewhat cold, it was in my system. I like that iced tea stuff... Well... Iced anything. Good stuff.

The burn cream I thought was so random. Then guess what happened... I burned my freaking forehead with my hair iron. The Degree First burn cream soothed and I'm guessing it wouldn't have scarred, but using the cream I have no scar at the moment. 

Haven't used the Elizabth Arden sample, but it's a HUGE deluxe sample. Will update when I do.

Had to use the Playtex Sport Tampons out of necessity. I was scared that I'd have a reaction since they are scented (TMI?) or, what I think is worse, that I'd hate the scent (effing gross!), but low and behold, the scent was not off putting and no reaction. I didn't work out with them, so I can't attest to their sport value, but man oh man. The smell isn't bad and they work.

The gummies! Yum! Get them! 

And my favorite thing in this box! The soft lips cube!

I love this thing! It's vanilla mint. It tingles and the cube shape-LOVE! Remember the old slim softlips? That tingled? It's like that! I reach for it over everything else (I mean aquaphor doesn't count, right?) Love this balm! Home run! Out of the park! 

For the most part, kiss of approval so far! I'm obsessed with this cube! I will be re-purchasing this for sure :) 

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