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Monday, September 8, 2014

Mani musings: Miracle Gel in Sugar Fix

I've been loving this nail polish! I posted a picture on Instagram and I decided a post would be appropriate. 

This is the Sally Hansen Miacle Gel polish which requires no LED light to set the polish. It should last 14 days and only requires 2 steps. The polish and the miracle gel top coat. This picture was taken on the 5th day of wear and it's of Sugar Fix. I also got the Piggy Wear and Greyfitti. 

So far I love the applicator itself and the opacity of the polish. The formula itself is amazing. An at-home manicure just became so much easier. 

In a week I will have a full review with the other colors and also mentioning how the 14 days challenge has gone with this first wear. (I just have myself a challenge!) lol

Kiss of death or approval? So far, Kiss of approval!

I may also be posting the first ever Musings of Nidia video! Stay tuned! 

Thanks so much for your continued support :) August was a tough month in our family so being able to get back into my blog and life in general now is the best feeling!