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Monday, September 29, 2014

Mani Monday: Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Polishes Kiss of Death or Approval

So I had mentioned that I was trying these guys out, the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Nail polishes. These are supposed to be gel manicures that cure with natural light instead of the UV lights or LED lights at the salon (or even at-home). I was so excited to give them a go so I'm including my review here as a Kiss of Death or Kiss of Approval. What will it be??

I have 3 shades of this Miracle Gel and they are, from left to right: Sugar Fix, Pretty Piggy, and Grayfitti. The steps are to apply two coats and then the top coat. The top coat has magical powers that can harden the polish with regular light and natural light. (So don't use this at night? Like a solar calculator) The claim is that they will last 14 days unchipped etc.
The colors are amazing and there is such a wide-range of colors. I love the formula and the brush. The brush is wide and coats about half the nail in one stroke. It does only take 2 coats to get full saturation from the colors I have tried (these). The formula is a bit thicker, for lack of a better word, making it so much easier to coat your own nails (left-hand drama, anyone? Or right-hand if you're lefty). Needless to say, I love the formula.
 All the magic happens with this top coat. It seems to have the same consistency as the nail polishes making it hard to apply, but it wasn't so thick that it bubbled or anything like that.

I purchased the Pretty Piggy in a set with the top coat. The box has a $2 coupon. USE THAT. Each nail polish is $10.

Other Perk: They remove like regular nail polish = no soaking nails in acetone.

How long have they lasted?
I tried Sugar Fix first and it last on my hands for 10 days, about 8 where it was chip-less and had regular signs of wear around the edges. I'm wearing Gray-fitti now and it's been about 6 days. Doing great.

Overall Rating: Kiss of Approval!
Even though they do not necessarily last for the claimed 14 days (I'm not sure I'd want the polish color for that long), these polishes are amazing for at-home manicures. They outlast regular nail polishes, and that makes them surpass that criteria, in my book.
I love that they do not need a light to set, especially since these lights can be linked to skin cancer in the hands and even premature signs of aging in the hands. No thanks. So that's a huge plus.
There are so many colors. The problem you will have is choosing from them rather than wishing there were more.
The application is so easy because of the formula and brush.

Did I cover everything?

Yea I'm sold on these.

Have you tried these? Any Kiss of Approval or Kiss of Death items you want to see? Let me know!


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