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Monday, August 18, 2014

Life Musings: Four Things I do to Get Things Done

I had a crazy few weeks. I had a few changes to deal with, organizing, some freelance work, and inventory. On top of that I have been dealing with some migraines that leave me out of commission. Ahh! I'm writing this as a quick catch up and some quick pointers on what I do to keep juggling a lot of stuff when thingbs get very stressful.

1) AM Pages: I have tried to wrote 3 pages every morning of random thoughts going through my mind ever since The Artist  Way came into my life. Just write everything, negative or positive that comes to your mind, for 3 pages. That has helped me tremendously in finding clarity.

2) Working Out: I love working out and it exhausts me enough to regulate my sleep. If I don't do this I won't sleep well. This also relaxes me and helps ward off being sick. 

3) Setting 3 Goals Daily: I make myself the goal of getting 3 things done no matter what daily. I got this practice from my days in sales where the goal was 6. Before going to sleep, I was trained to write 6 income-producing-activities. I modified this to 3 because I don't need to get 6 crazy epic things done daily. Usually I'm working on a project, so it would be "continue in project X" as opposed to the list. I'm very creative, as well. I'm not really a list-tackler-type. So I have found that working on 3 things at a time is great. Also limiting myself to 3 things is freeing. Limits are great for a person like me, sometimes. 

4) Take Breaks: I love taking breaks! I work with a timer and pause every 25 mins just to walk around and drink 10 ounces of water. This I take way more serious. It has seriously helped my migraines. I love taking long breaks, as in 3 day breaks. I never used to do this and now I understand how rejuvenating this is. I love it and I stand by it.

5) Forget the Rest: if I can't get to it, oh well. I've learned to let the things that aren't a priority go. I used to eat myself alive with guilt for not being perfect and not doing everything. I have learned, sometimes, what doesn't get done isn't going to get done and that's fine. 

How do you deal with a hectic day and get things done? Let me know below!


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