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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Pinterest Pin-sternality

So I've been at this Pinning game a while and I do love it. Lately I've gotten to noticing people's boards and Pinterest accounts. I've noticed a few personality styles and decided to share with you my findings. Which Pinterest Pin-sternality are you!? Let's do this!

1. Planned-to-Perfection Pinner: This is the pinner that has all of their boards picked out (like trips, breakfast recipes, Nurseries, etc.), but they are all empty. You pre-plan what you pin. You may also plan your outfits the night before, and have a a Thursday-Night Date-Night (because every 3rd Tuesday of the month it's Girl's Night - they can't conflict). You have a set manicure every 15 days (every other time added pedi) and have a pinterest board with the colors on rotation that you wear. Your check book is balanced. You have almonds and antibacterial in your purse. Every pin is immaculately described, traced back to its original site and owner. You schedule sex. Admit it. Nonetheless, your Pinterest account is the talk (and envy) of the town, as are your yoga-toned arms, which are due to the sugarfit pin you have in your aptly titled "Fitness" Board.

2. The-Quirky-Descriptions Pinner: you admit you're like everybody else, but you're in denial exactly to what extent, really. You use an aloof nature sprinkled with sarcasm to stand out. You forever strive to break the "great personality" mold by proving that charm and wit can come in an adorable package (to be completely clear, the adorable package here is you.) Deep down you still question, can it? Of course it can! And it does! (cyber xoxo, girl!)

3. The As-You-Pin-Random-A$$-Stuff-Board-Creator Pinner: This is an awful name, but perfectly describes you. Not in that it has "random a$$" in it implying, and not well, that you you have random ass pins. That's funny, but more funny is that it sounds so awkward together, but somehow the hyphens can make it work, like your pins and your boards. I have to lol, because you are not just a "Pinner" you are a "Board Creator" and that somehow modifies "Pinner". Mrs. Ward (6th grade english teacher) is breaking out in hives.
Now let's talk about you. Over planning kills your vibe. You're late for everything. You're the life of the party, I mean you tend to get along with everyone because you have so many random a$$ interests. So either you have something in common with people, or they find you interesting, or they are interesting to you because they have an interest that's new for you to add to your list of random a$$ pins. The one thing your friends tend to have in common is you, same for your random-a$$ boards. You pin canoe building and gardening together (because your dream house has a moat), and the best Alfredo Sauce with bible verses (because the sauce is heaven sent... I know it's like I can read your random-a$$ mind). When you need a new random a$$ board, you create it. Usually, you create a new one when your judgment says your other ones are too full and the thought of creating boards to fill later? As if to plan the boards? The thought never crossed your mind! And this is why we love you.

4. Perfectly-Themed-Pins-Pinner- I must say. You are the ones I most envy. Every board and every pin in every board, perfectly coordinates not just with the rest of the pins in its board, but on your entire Pinterest account. Furthermore, you are most likely a blogger and your Pinterest is a perfect reflection of your blog. If you blog about food, it's all food. Fashion, all fashion, same for weddings or mom-stuff. You have a home handbook and family organizer (even if it's for you and your maltese... because it has a schedule... and an instagram account). You have a google cal synced for all members of the family (said maltese included). Your Instagram pictures all have the exact same filter. You were class president, editor in chief of the class paper, and captain of the cheer squad. You are the over achiever of pinners- the Wonder Woman... because we wonder how you can practice such diligence. We wonder how you are not tempted by the 50 Ways to Use Baking Soda
pins, but instead so dilligently only have meta rich pins from your blog or pins that exactly match the rest of that boards color scheme. A wonder indeed. Nonetheless, you are deserving of our admiration. I salute you.

So what personality are you?? I'm 2&3! You can see 3 creep up in that #1,2,3 each are separated by colons and 4 is separated by a hyphen. I caught this in editing, but thought you might enjoy how my random a$$ brain works.

 I would love to read your personality below!!


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  1. I'm a weird mix of number three and number one. lol.
    Thanks for the bloglovin' follow! I followed you back.