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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Mani Musings: The Mullet Mani Manifesto

I propose that we re-think our accent finger. I have a Thumb Thesis, if you will (or Dumb Thesis to say the least) for what I think should be trending now: The Mullet Mani. Open this up before you judge to see what I mean and to see why I wound up changing the title of this post from The Think Pink Manicure to my Mani Mullet Manifesto. 

This week's Mani is my Think Pink Mani. After all, it is all pink. Great. Cute. Essie Fiji & Flirty Fuschia. Not too original... but I know what you are actually thinking, "No. NO. NO! The thumb is not a proper accent nail for manicure art! She's making a mockery of this...this...this nail art thing trend!" I say, hold your cotton swabs.

The reason I changed the title of this post was to propose to you my Mullet Mani Manifesto with a small snippet of my thesis. (This is definitely misleading. This is as developed as my argument gets. I have never thought so much about nail polish in my life, to be completely honest.) The following are my points as to why we should see this Mullet Mani begin to trend and by definition, what it should look like.

The Mullet Mani Manifesto
1. More Realestate - It makes sense. You get more bang for your buck. On your hand, your thumb is to your hand like suburban homes are to the city: kind of off to the side with a lot of room, no neighbors too close by to bother it while it's drying. Genius for nail art enthusiasts. Why are we not taking more advantage of this canvas?
2. No Distractions - I hate thumb rings. Shoot me the day you see me wear one, like a sick horse, because I'm obviously not doing well. This makes the Thumb an amazing fingernail to showcase art without any other distraction. Kind of like a modern home, or an art gallery... that has nothing in it.

3. Mullet, by Definition - And thus, I'd like to introduce a new trend - the Mullet Mani... Hear me out. When you are typing what finger stands out the most? On my computer right now it's my thumbs on my key board (I'll give you that they are a bright pink at the moment- it's also party of my fun point)... 
And while Texting on your phone what fingers do YOU see  the most? I see my thumbs the most while I'm texting away my first novel to my friend at Mac detailing the different MSF swatches on my arm. 
Thus, the Mullet Mani. A sneaky accent thumb with what would otherwise be, a super boring mani. I think the motto actually says it best, "Business in the front, Party in the back," and those Fuchsia thumbs scream, "Turnt up" to me. (Misspelled and all!)

4. Nail Salon Cool Factor - Think of the girl at the nail salon that asks for a French Mani. ::eye roll & yawn :: Exactly. Imagine ordering a Mullet Mani. I mean it has 80's teenage movies cool in it as well as MacGyver edge. Bring it all full-circle...

5. Primetime Baby - If you're a decent person, what is your most used finger? I'm hoping it's your thumb! Just giving a thumbs-up to everyone! "Great Job!" Or "I love it!" ...Affirmation central, you are! Because let's be real for a second & Pause for the Cause:

If you use your pointer finger, i.e. you're a pointer, you're bossy, and who likes a bossy biatch. Am I right?
If you use your middle finger? Yoga. You need YOGA
If you use your ring finger? We get it your engaged... Let's talk in 5 years and see if you're a statistic... (Whoa! where did that come from? So I need more yoga, too? I need tea... see below.) Nonetheless... if you are engaged, you don't want nail art to compete with your rock, do you?

I mean, the thumb as an accent is all around genius. It should be the most valuable nail real estate on your hand:

-It hails cabs
-It hides when you whistle so you look less crazy. (you're whistling... that's crazy)
-It stands out when you hold a pen.
-It stands out when you hold your coffee
-It's the only one you see when you're working a pointer.
-When you're working the remote.

I feel like we'd all be more tea if we used the thumb more... And I wholeheartedly believe if Kermit had thumbnails he'd embrace Mullet Mani Manifesto. #Justsaying. 

Convinced? Why or why not?? I love to read your comments so make sure to add your opinion to the mix!

Hope you are having a fabulous day! And that your thumbs are a tea party all the way! 


P.S. Enjoy! I mean there's tea in the banjo and he whistles, as in actually puckers his lips, in the end. Happy Wednesday!

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  1. This is such a wonderful post- I laughed out loud many a time! You, madam, are very funny! :) I love this idea and you make a very convincing argument haha! I can't wait for more posts from you and I'm definitely going to test The Mullet Mani Manifesto theory next time I get around to painting these bad boys!
    I'd love for you to bop on over to my blog if you have a spare moment to let me know what you think about my latest post :)

    xoxo Teryn! The Rucksack Diaries (

  2. Thank you so much! I definitely will check it out! ♡