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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Makeup Musings: Naked Neutrals with Naked Palette

Ode to the perfect crease colors, buck and naked. How much I love you, let my brush strokes count the ways (Well, let me count my brush strokes... well, when I dip it.. whatever you get it.) I created this super flattering and better-in-person neutral eye with my Naked Palette. I included 2 lip-options. If you want to see this mega awesome soft-glam (how does that make sense) look, let's do this now. :)

I love my Naked Palette. Truly, if it had blackout, it would be my all-time most favorite palette. I created this neutral eye, skipped the liner and through some ardell 110 lashes up on there. The first look (above) was just my bh liner in Earth and the second look (below) I through candy yum yum on it.

Quick Steps I took:
1. Naked and Buck on the crease
2. Half baked on the lid- Can we talk about how gorgeous this color is!?
3. Dark House on the outside corner emphasizing the outer-V.
4. Smoke-out the bottom lash line first with buck 2/3rds of the outer eye then 1/3 of the outer lash line go over Buck with Dark Horse. 
5. Lashes 
6. Smooches
7. #DUCKIT Selfie! ya tu sabes 

 Look! Candy! YUM! YUM!
I just through pink over my Earth Lip Liner. You know it ain't no thang. I love bright lips... like you haven't noticed. With the lipliner, it's toned down and it's actually going to last longer (like this color needs that... if you aren't careful, it can stain your lips.)


Bya! (Wave back... I'm cyber wavin' over here!)

What's your favorite with a neutral eye? A bold lip or a neutral lip? Comment it to me. :)

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