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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Makeup Musings: July Ipsy Unbagging

So let's look at the goodies, shall we?! Was it a hit or a miss? Well, the bag this month was a Neon Pink bag... yea, that in itself made me happy. Check out some swatches and what the rest of the products are. Let's do this!

1. First, this bareMinerals 5 in 1 BB  advanced performance creams eyeshadow. It's this taupe color that I'm loving. I saw a video where LustreLux actually uses it as a primer. Pretty cool. The color is gorgeous.

 2. Second was this POP Bronzer. It's shimmery and could be fabulous for a Summer Bronze look to warm up the face. Only thing I noticed right away was that it did have Mineral Oil as an ingredient. That didn't rock my world because Mineral Oil can affect your skin in negative ways. I have been breaking out and it's like above the skin, not necessarily caused by hormonal issues. I think it's more due to the different things I've been using on my face.

 3. This Pixi Tinted Brilliance Balm is cute. It's nice for a quick swipe of color and makes your teeth look whiter!

4. Then, it's this Soy Renewing Beach Spray by Sexy Hair, which I'm looking forward to trying out with dry shampoo on 2-day old flat iron hair. My hair has a natural loose curl to it. Mufasa style.

5. Hang Ten Burn Your Body Oil. I'm just kidding. It's tanning oil, but I'm burn no matter what. So there's that. It has SPF 08 and I believe I have received another Hang Ten SPF product before. I tried using it on the Dom Rep Trip, but don't remember if I used it enough to judge it's efficacy.

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