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Friday, July 11, 2014

Makeup Musings: It's Electric! Smokey Eye Electric Ombre Under Eye

Hola amiga! So this was a fun, get out-yo-rut-gurl, kind of look! It's a typical Miami Smokey Eye with a fun under eye situation going on! If you want to check out what products I used, open me up. Let's do this!

So yea, I borrowed the Electric Slide opening line! Whatevs! This is far from your line dance kind of look. How fun was this!? 

It was a bit complicated with a mess of steps, but I was super inspired by Shaaanxo in last Friday's Try-Day Friday and I had to try to remake that Ombre Eyeliner in my own way! 

Here are Some Quick Steps:

1. I used the light brown from my It's Judy Time Palette as a transition color on my crease. This will make everything easier to blend into.
2. I used a Kohl Black pencil, I believe it's from L'Oreal to draw a sideways V on my eye and into my crease, very lightly.
3. I used the darkest matte brown from the It's Judy Time Palette to blend out into my crease the pencil.
4. Then I used Black out from the Naked 2 palette to smoke out the crease and outer-V. 
5. I used Virgin, I believe, on my lid. 
6. I used Blonde Streak Pressed Pigment by Mac just to see how it would look and it wasn't too offensive, just over Virgin on my lid with my finger. 
7. I lined my  upper lash line. 
8. Applied Red Cherry #43 lashes... and discovered I may just be sensitive to latex or something.

Bottom Lash Line:
1. I used Hi-Def Cyan Chromograph pencil right under my waterline. 
2. Outer third I lined with Chaos, middle third with Gonzo, and inner third with Freak? Or Thrash? I think Thrash. I can't remember. I blended them together.  

I can't wear this on my regular day to day, but I really wanted to get out my neutral rut! ah! lol I'm laughing because I can't wait to show you my Copper Smokey Eye! YASS! haha!

Do you like bold daring colors? With what are you more daring? Fashion, home decor, makeup?

hope you liked it!

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