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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Makeup Musings: House of Lashes Haul

 I have mentioned before, that it seems that I am allergic to lash glue. Isn't that fabulous? It seems that many people have sensitivities to latex and House of Lashes caters to these individuals. I have kind of turned to this lash glue as a last resort. If this lash glue does not work out for me, then lashes are not going to work for me :(. Mega sad face. I decided to post these pics of the rest of what I purchased on my vanity so I hope you enjoy them. Let's do this.

1) This is the famous Latex-free, waterproof lash-glue. It also comes with a brush applicator, which means I save on pointed-ended cotton-rounds (I used those to apply the glue to my lashes every time). At least it looks a lot fancier that duo. lol. I bought 2 because I hate when I like something not having it when it runs out, and I can only purchase this online. It it doesn't work for me, then I will just let you all know and have a blog sale?
2) I also purchased the Pixie-Luxe lashes in a 3-pack (it's a better a deal) and I must say that these lashes look beautiful. Very wispy and dramatic. I'm not one to wear lashes everyday, or even too often, but these do look gorgeous.
3) I also purchased the little bow container for to house lashes that are in use. How stinkin' cute is it. I made a mistake. I only purchased 1 instead of purchasing 2. Each little container only holds 3 pairs at a time, and I have a feeling I'd like it to hold more. Whenever I take pictures for the blog, I like fresh lashes, so that adds up. (Picture below)
Are you allergic to latex or have you tried this lash glue? Do you recommend any particular lash glue? Help a sistah out!


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