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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Makeup Musings: Eye Kandy Glitter Haul

Umm, Hi. My name is Nidia and I love GLITTER. This has been a most gratifying purchase and can't wait to show you what I got! Let's hurry on up and open up these bad boys, shall we? After you.

So yea, I had been seeing a lot of bloggers and vloggers talk about these and I needed some glitter. I'm excited to truly use it. Not going to lie, it's messy... but that's ok. I will be posting a lot more pictures of swatches of each one. The swatch pics I took, sucked, quite frankly. 

The glitter is pretty fine and there are 2 types. I thought it was cute that there is a finer cut glitter on the site described as being more popular because it is more work appropriate or something like that. Glitter at work... times have definitely changed. 

I like these a lot in the bottom picture, from left to right I purchased Candy Coin, Caramel Apple, Semi Sweet, and Peach Fuzz. The liquid and brush is supposed to make the glitter like super glue stay on. I'm excited to try everything out. You can make like a winged liner, swirls, layer it over shadow... I'm getting excited typing. 

I've never been one to use too many loose powders in my makeup. Do you use any particular glitters or pigments, or even powders in your makeup routine? 


Check out the NYX Pearl Mania Loose Pigments Kiss of Death or Approval, here!

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  1. Love these glitters!