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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Makeup Musings: Blue Smoke

So let's play. Like I said somewhere before, I like my blog to be able to look back at how I grow in skills etc. This look was not what I wanted at all,  but it's not horrid. I mean... It's not my fave, but I'm posting it to later on show some growth. I'm going for black smoke with blue coming out of the crease... you get me? Like a bright blue peaking out. Not really like this, but it's going to get there. I also didn't use smokey eye lashes, in my opinion. So I'm posting these because this is a diary of transition and growth! So if you want to see this, let's do this!

First: I get super weird taking pictures. I actually hate taking pictures (weird, I know) So this blog was mighty difficult at first (if you look back, I'm not in any of them lol). I started with the blues in the Galaxy Chic Palette : , but hated the sheen in my crease (I HATE SHINY IN MY CREASE!!) I love that palette. It's gorgeous. Just not in my crease. That's why you see the shiny up in there... and why I hate this so much.

Second: I tried salvaging it and layered a pretty blue from the 88 Matte palette from BH. I'm getting an idea of how to do this now.

Third: The black is blackout from the Naked 2. I layered it over the kohl black pencil from L'oreal. It's great for that.

I was trying to find the inspiration for this look. If I do I'll post it! If I work on it soon... I'll post that, too.

I've been trying to get back on schedule. I know I've been posting late, but I've been getting legit blogger's block. I think I get into my own head and start thinking like nothing I have to say is original or worth reading etc. It's a little crazy... so usually that means I need beat the blues myself lol. Hopefully, I'm a little back to normal. I think I have some reviews coming up and fun things to talk about. I hope you guys like them and find them useful.

How do you guys either recreate inspired looks like I was trying? Or how do you guys get back on track and beat the blues? Comment below :) 


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