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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Makeup Musings: Basic B's Don't Pop Color like Me.

Nope, no tutorial or anything here. But that graphic got me excited as I made it. I mean, when do you get use an electric blue shade as a Pop of color with a palette called BASICs and take pictures of it for a blog... exactly. So when you do, you make a ridiculous graphic. The upper right box, that's me laughing at the title of this post. Let's do this (Click for more... so we can do this!)

I don't know what I'm staring at in the second picture either, but how about that makeup, doe. My hair is in its natural state, which is not Nala or Simba wild, but Mufasa wild. So bare with me. Nonetheless. I used the Naked Basics palette for the lid.

Eye Shadow Steps with Colors:
1. Naked 2 on the crease and brow bone. 
2. Faint on the crease.
3. Crave on the in the crease and to smoke out the lash line. Build the outer-V with a pencil brush and crave. 
4. Smoke out lower lash-line with Faint and Crave
5. Foxy on the lid with shader brush. Pack. It. On. Don't hold back.  
6. Line the top and bottom lash lines. (I don't usually line my entire lower lash line. It closes up my eyes way too much.
7.  Mascara! Can't really wear fakes, you know. The whole latex thing. 

Now the Inner Eye: 
1. With a pencil brush, dip it in Fix+, then line your inner tear duct area with Gonzo from the Electric Palette.
2. You can line it with a liner first, like similar blue or a white pencil or even a black kohl pencil, which I HIGHLY recommend, but I didn't have one on hand. So there's that.
3. Clean it up with a Q-Tip. I don't like Gonzo everywhere. I like it semi-controlled. 
4. Blend Gonzo into the rest of the liners. 

I love this look. It's very fun, but not crazy over-the-top. It's unexpected. I will say, if you have close-set eyes, don't expect this to be an awesome look for you. It can make you look like your eyes are too close together since you are darkening that area. Nonetheless, so fun!

How do you use pop of colors in your makeup routine? Comment below! Is this something you'd try?


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  1. I usually hate neon eye makeup but you pulled it off flawlessly! It looks fantastic I'll be defiantly give this look a try!

  2. You're so sweet! Thanks so much! All I can humbly say is to have fun... makeup is something for you to play with :)

  3. This is brilliant! I have never thought of pop of colour just at the inner eyes. Will try this tomorrow, thanks!

  4. Yay! Please!! Show me pics!!! :)