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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Life Musings: This Year

So it's been 6 months into the year (almost 7 months), and it's time to think about what I want my year to look like for the next 5 or so months. Like I had said when I started blogging a while back, I'm in transition. Mainly, transitioning out of what I didn't like and figuring out what I do like. Does that make sense? Well, hopefully if you keep reading I can explain myself better ;)

Brainiac-wise: Part of my aforementioned transition included deciding whether or not to pursue a higher degree, and whether financially that would be a smart move (I still have hella school loans from NYU). Even geographically-speaking there is hesitation. Leaving my home again makes me cringe a bit, just because of my parents' age, but you can't live life like that... especially when they aren't holding me back. So, I have made that a new goal- research what I need for programs I like and find all of the options available to me with regards to this. 

Health-wise: I have set goals for myself and even set nutrition and sleep goals. I care mostly about the changes I can measure and then reflecting on how they make me feel. For example, I love seeing my blog grow. I love seeing the progression of my growth as a makeup aficionado through pictures. I love the feeling of accomplishment from hitting a milestone in my health, whether it be not having migraines for a month, or sleeping on time for a minimum of 8 and half hours a night for a month and just noting the feeling on my body. I love that feeling. I love noticing how vitamins have affected my skin or my mood. I love seeing the difference in my body after working out for many months and admiring my own strength. It's empowering.

As the year rounds out, I really want to focus on health. I have found that any improvements in my life can be highly attributed to my health improvements. I've been reading Thrive by Ariana Huffington. Definitely loving it. When I'm done I think I will post about it, mainly because it stresses this notion of having an amazing quality of life and not just a work life that is out of control. I think this transition came about because although I am a huge achiever-type, I don't like achieving to just achieve. There has to be a purpose. And what I was seeing was a corporate world where women who had careers I thought I liked, were not necessarily having the quality of life I will not give up for a "career". It has never made sense to me to work yourself to ground and to live on edge. With your relationships constantly suffering? It doesn't make sense. I work to live. I work to support myself, my family, and hopefully to express myself creatively. Work is not life. Life is life. 

I digress...

Now I will begin research into schools and make sure that's a plunge I want to take... "You can never be overdressed or over educated," no? Make sure I'm sleeping and hell, let's throw a trip in the mix. That would be fab to round out my year.

How is your year going to shape out? Share some of your goals. Have any of your resolutions or goals changed since January? Give me some ideas!


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