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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Life Musings: Beating the Blues

I came across this article on (truly one of my favorite blogs), about beating the Summer Blues. This year, it has been one of the gloomiest summers and there has been such little sun, this truly stuck a chord. I sat back and contemplated about what key steps I take in my life when I notice the blues coming on. My blues tend to affect me in terms of anxiety, then I feel this insane sense of overwhelm, followed by complete paralysis. Yup. I used to get stuck feeling I couldn't do anything and I had to change. So if this resonates with you, I hope this little post can maybe help you out. No, I haven't figured it all out, but I haven't gotten to complete paralysis where it's not on purpose again (I'll explain). So with no further a do, let's get some red lips up in here, and beat these blues! Shall we? (You saw what I did there?... ha)

I will say as a disclaimer that  both of my parents are psychologists. This does not qualify me in any terms for anything, rather I think it deems me crazier, if anything. Regardless, my dad used to always ask me these 4 questions since I was little. Especially when I left for school, these questions always rang in my head.

1. Have you been sleeping well?
2. Have you been eating well?
3. How are your relationships?
4. Have you done physical exercise?

It used to drive me crazy when my dad would ask to take a nap before I would drop out of high school (I was a little dramatic), but a nap used to just clear everything up. Somehow that nap would always keep me in school, in all of my clubs, and on my teams, etc. It was amazing.

Same with foods. If I eat like crap for too long, I start feeling like crap. It's bad. What's worse is that it all starts happening together. Usually, when I'm eating like crap I'm sleeping crap times as well. These times are usually moments of high stress, or where I'm ripped from my routine, so I'm not working out at all. It's usually all at once.

So how do I beat the blues?

1. I sleep it off. I love Arianna Huffington stressing the importance of sleep in her newest book Thrive. "Sleep your way to top," she writes about how proper sleeping habits correlate to success.

2. I eat well. I start eating things my body digests well and that I know will bring me back to balance. Mainly these are greens (greens means broccoli and spinach. period.) and fruits. I love brown rice with olive oil and lean meats, as well. I cut alcohol out (it just exhausts me). I drink a mess of water and at least 2 green teas a day. I also include a mess of antioxidants as supplements in my diet, but this is normal.

3. I take a break. My latest break I suppose included falling off the face of the planet. I got off of facebook and I have a new Instagram mainly for makeupmusings ;) and blog related content. I just wanted a fresh start and not to feel like I needed to see or be seen by people I was going to begin to compare myself to, instead of be inspired by. Does that make sense? I figured I needed to get the f*ck off of any platform that gave me anxiety and I needed to just go live my life.

I also reconnect face to face with people that make me feel good at all times. Life can be challenging, that's a given. But seriously, it's not that deep (that's what she said... well, that's not what she said).

4. I work it out. This is important. I love this. I love lifting weights especially. That's a stress relief. Cardio is important. I also love yoga. I like moving. After getting some sleep, I move my body.

So those are my core elements to beating the blues.

After this, especially in the summer, there are a few things that snap me out of my funk super quick:

1. A drive with my music. This works instantly.
2. Reading something inspirational. It can't be cheesy.
3. Organizing something if I feel I need order. This brings me joy.
4. Taking pictures of nature.
5. Watching a Sunset (Mainly because I can't wake up for a Sunrise) at the beach.
6. Making my bed.
7. Target.
8. Doodles. Double points if it's in my agenda.

What do you do to beat the blues? Share below!


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  1. This is so helpful as I always feel down and blue :)

  2. Oh that's soo good to hear (well, read!)... Always remember, there is someone on your side cheering you on to feel better! :)

    a HUGE HUG!!!