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Monday, July 21, 2014

Kiss of Death or Approval? NYX Pearl Mania

So it's another round of Kiss of Death or Kiss of Approval! What a dramatic name! Basically, I take a product, use it a few times and give it the Kiss of Death or the Kiss of Approval for our makeup vanity, etc. It's like Game of Thrones for Beauty Products. Today NYX Ultra Pearl Mania, or what I call pigments, were brought to the challenge. Will they get the Kiss of Death or the Kiss of Approval/ Check it out! LET's DO THIS

 I was very interested in using these little pigments mainly because of their price point. I only have these 2 to make judgments on, but it's OK, because I believe the criticisms (and the pros), can be pretty universal. So without further ado, let us begin!

1. Price: I have not seen these little pots for more than $5. I think that's just genius. At that price point, experimenting with different colors does not hurt at all! Even learning with these (like I initially wanted wanted them for), is painless because of the price.
2. Size: Traveling with a kit as a MUA or even on a trip is a pain. These are so small and a soft plastic so breaking is rare. 
3. Color Payoff: Amazing. The color is very bright and beautiful. Stays for hours with Fix+ and a primer

4. WILL IT BLEND: (Yup like the blender guy- haven't seen that? OMG YouTube those videos after spending hours looking at all my posts ;) It will blend! I blended out the outer corner of my eye on purpose to see. Gorgeous. 

1. Bottle Neck Size: WTF is up with these necks? It's so stupid how small they are. No proper brush fits in here. So are you supposed to dump product out to use it? Then what with the excess? Nope. I don't like that. 

2. No Pigment Name: The names of the pigments are not on the bottles. I can't tell you what I'm using because I have no clue. That's hilarious. NYX: put the names on these!

Conclusion: Kiss of Approval!
Transferring these to another little pot will make my life so much easier and I will. That being said, I'm loving these! Get your hands on some ASAP and try them out if you haven't. Pigments become so addicting once you start using them. It's amazing to see the color payoff right away.

Do you use loose pigments at all? What other kinds of loose pigments do you use? Join the other Muses and comment below!


Check out the look that I created with this product, here!

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