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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Kennedy Space Center

Recently, I visited the Kennedy Space Center and got to see all the crazy stuff NASA is up to that's not top secret. I figured, what's more patriotic than JFK? Well, the US futbol team had we won... But we didn't, so NASA it is. Check out why our tax money is being well-spent in space and take pride in 'Merica. 

I went with my cousin who was visiting from Dominican Republic. We drove from Miami, which is like a 4 hour drive, and I must admit, until he had brought it up, I had never really know everything the Space Center had to offer. If your a nerd, this is your heaven. I mean, the explanations are simple enough for everyone to understand, but so many cool things are there to just see. It's like a walk through American history concentrating on the developments of our space program. Super cool. P.S. We're all going to be in space. Like soon. Crazy! 

Here are some fun pictures! Begin celebrating the Fourth!
Up top: That's a simulation of where the astronauts walked before they were loaded into the Apollo. Basically, where I would have had a panic attack and would have needed to be knocked out and then strapped into the shuttle.
Up top: That's my cousin, the dot of a man in the front. Cray. 
Up top: That's ridiculous. This is the back of an Apollo. Camo & chucks- patriotic as heck, girl! 
Up top: That was my favorite exhibit. The way they show you the Atlantis is just very... Awe-inspiring. I loved this thing. I want one. (Lol que come mierda).

Hope you enjoyed some of these space explorations. I love this trip.

What are your plans for the fourth? I'm thinking of posting some outfit ideas or even fun DIY projects for the fourth... Or snacks. Yum! We will see!


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