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Friday, June 20, 2014

Try Day Friday: YouTube Roundup!

This week I'm all about practical solutions to summer's heat and even travel tips. Check out this week's round up for some electric looks, how to get an easy glow, and a heat proof look. 

Here are this week's YouTube Video Roundup. I'm not awesome with time management when things change, so I'm trying to learn. Everything is a learning process. For now, let's get into this week's pick of videos to try out!

Camila's Electric Summer Look:
I want to recreate every tutorial I see with this palette! And this is no exception! 

Miss Glamorazi's  Sweatproof Hair and Makeup Routine
She makes such cute and well produced videos. This one I like because of the tutorial. The brightness makes it so lovely and summer-y.

Nicole Guerriero's oldie but a goodie, Travel Makeup Video:
 I've been traveling and I just like her. I don't use powder though. Regardless, like the video. I just use liquid foundation all-day. What a fun picture! ha.

I also love this more recent Summer Glow video of hers:

Stephanie Nicole's Naked 3 Tutorial:
Just love her smokey/ pigmenty/ foil-like application of shadow and amazing artistry. It's a smoked-out, winged liner-lovers dream. 

I've decided to not embed the videos anymore because it takes just so long to load the posts. Hope this still allows you see the YouTube roundups and enjoy some amazing artistry. 

Until next time... Xoxo, my muses!

Check out me trying out Victoria's Secret's new Sport's Bra via Influenster here!
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