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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Musings on Boobs and Cupping them and Such: #VSSportsbra Review

Recently, Influenster sent me a new Victoria's Secret Bra to review and a pack of socks with it. I love bright colors! I'm fitness obsessed-too (at least in theory). So let's do this!

Having already used other VSX sports bras in the past, and even other workout gear, I was excited to try out the goods. I didn't just immediately post something because to me a sports bra is an investment and various aspects go into me considering it a holy grail sports bra. Additionally, I was out of town when the box arrived, so there's that. Having used it a few times and then using my older model one, here is what I think.

What I can off-the bat say I'm super impressed with, oddly enough are the socks. Ha! Yes! The socks are breathable, thin, but great material, vibrant colors, and no peak through. I haven't mentioned my favorite part. 

In the back they come up to avoid blisters. What!? I'm sold! Do you know how many blisters those cutesy forever 21 cheap socks have given me?! Ha! On the real though, that excited me. You're welcome for the pic of my sexy ankle. (Winking emoji here)

As for the bra, I received a cupped semi padded sports bra in an awesome "Mamey" (for white folk, that's a coral color... I got you). 

Fit: B
Background: I suffer from an awkward situation where I have a larger bust than I guess is average from my collar bone, shoulder to back area? So I tend to buy smaller sports bras to make up for this.
VSX Bra Fit: The bra is pretty true to size, especially in the cups. The straps are in the form of a Y in the back, and I wish they were adjustable because of my issue. For a normal person I bet there wouldn't be a problem.

Support: A-
I'm not sure that this bra was created for high impact support, but it possibly could be used for it had the fit been perfect. I used it for weight lifting and it was pretty perfect. I used it for yoga- loved it. When I went for a light run/ jog, I felt a little uncomfortable. This is the first sports bra I use with cups, maybe that had to do with it, but for moderate to low impact, basically anything at a gym that's not full-blown sprinting and/or jumping, I think it has you covered. (Really, even then, if it fits you correctly, it would support you correctly).

Style/ Color: A 
Obsessed with brightness of this color! It's so cute! I love loud neons and bright- A$$ colors for my gym clothes... For all my clothes, really... It's obnoxious, I know, but I'm from Miami. This bright, almost-neon Mamey (yup that coral color) is really up my alley as one of my favorite colors. Period. My other VSX sports bra is lime green. These kind pick-me-up hues are just so necessary when you gotta drag yourself in the AM into a workout session, or even to power through one at a regular time!

Last Thoughts:
1) My older bra, the lime green, did get discolored in the wash. This is a fear of mine, as all of my Victoria's Secret bra end up having something epic happening to them in the wash. 
2)My other fear is that a wire will pop out as all of my Victoria's Secret Bras have this happen to them. I remember reading in another blog that where it popped out could be an indication that the bra was either a cup size too small, or the band width was too tight. Not the case for either as I've been measured in-store a gazillion times. I may be the anomaly. I hope so. 
3)Them socks THOUGH! Love them socks!

I hope my bra remains the same cute color it is and that my socks do, too! Such a cute combo! For weight training and yoga, what I do most, this bra is great, and if you can get fitted for one of the styles yourself, then I recommend it.

Kiss of Approval on them SOCKS and the new #VSSportsbras

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