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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Makeup Musings: That Ombre Lip Doe

So I had mentioned in the BH Cosmetics  lippies post that an ombre lip would be hella fun to try for the summer. I decided to give it a go! Check out what look I created around this Pink Ombre Lip. Hint: It's my all-time favorite color combo.

Yea. Love it! I haven't retouched these photos so please just overlook my face's imperfections, like the breakouts and the lack of waxing. I'm allergic to everything under the sun, so the thought of waxing kills me (imagine waxing) and I guess my body's having a moment so we are breaking out. lol ... TMI, much? haha but like... how fun is this lip and this eye combo!?

Wanna learn how I do my lip? Or what I use to get the look? Comment me here or feel free to let me know on IG. Follow me and let me know you were here! I Like Friends and Framily. How amaze are those commercials? I digress... 


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  1. Pretty lip color but I love your eyeshadow

    1. YES! I love it! It's from the bh cosmetics 60's palette. I started with that in mind and forgot to even post anything about it. lol I think I will post something separate on it. What do you think?

  2. You look gorgeous! That lip color is perfect on you!
    xo Kat

    1. umm! Hi KAT! Thanks so much!!! :) means so much :) xoxo