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Monday, June 23, 2014

Makeup Musings: That Coastal Scents Revealed 2 Palette Kiss ofApproval/Death?

So... how maze is this purple LAQA & Co. Lip Lube. Obsessed. Regardless. These next few posts is about this June's Birchbox, because I hadn't written anything and wasn't going to. I actually was considering just cancelling. Then I saw an IGer take a picture of hers and she had a Coastal Scents mini palette in hers. Excuse me? I checked mine again, and that unappealing Revealed 2 box was just that. I thought it was chocolate or something in like an orange flavor. Yuck. So I decided for the first time ever to actually take some pictures of me wearing some products, or how I'd wear them, then review them. I figure that's more efficient. Let's do this.

So those are the swatches and that's the mini sample palette. It's the Revealed 2 palette by Coastal Scents and it is $34 through Birchbox. It's 3 shimmer eye shadows and 1 matte eye shadow. At least the matte sample shadow was a dark cool-tone brown.
 I did use naked from my Naked palette. The rose shimmer color is on my lid, the more mauve shimmer color is on my outer lid into the crease (not my fave location, but hey it's working when blended), and then that matte brown on the outer corner. 

Color pay-off: Pretty good. The ones I tried have nice vibrancy, pigmentation, and yes I am wearing eye primer, but I'm not on my hand. I'm imagining that if you are someone that puts on their eye-makeup first, then this could** be a great nude palette if you don't already own one. 

Fallout: Prepare to wipe all-over your under eye area, cheeks, nose, ears, your lips... boobs... yea. It's like glitter. I might be exaggerating. I'm Cuban. For real though, I was wearing that Becca foundation... which I'm deciding how I feel about it, and it was just attracting anything and everything... I found my keys with it. Yea, it would make me not buy this. at all. 

Overall: The colors are pretty pigmented, but the fallout... yea. The fallout is such a deal breaker that I wouldn't be able to get this with my lifestyle... well, I just wouldn't use it given the other palettes I have. I have too many other palettes, at even cheaper pricepoints, that don't have this issue. I can't justify getting this palette with this fallout all over my face. No way, not for clients, or myself.

Kiss of Approval or Kiss of Death: Kiss of Death
Yea, first one ever... but I can't approve this one. I can't even imagine a mother, or a young woman-on-the-go wiping her face off every AM after applying eye shadow. I have to admit, as I'm writing this I'm riling myself up more about not liking this lol. It's not that bad haha. Ij ust think there are much better palettes with less fall-out and trying to accomplish the same idea.

Have you tried this palette? Do you own the full-sized? Is the full-sized version having maybe less issues with this fallout thing?  Please Please Please let me know... Comment below! (Finger-pointing-downward emoji here!)


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