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Monday, June 30, 2014

Makeup Musings: My 10 item 10 Minute Face

So I love makeup. It's clear. You get that, I get that. But I'm pretty practical. Let's be real. 1 hour for beauty a day isn't realistic... Or fun... Or efficient. Dude you can get so many degrees with that kind of time... Finish that candy land game or whatever it's called. Finish flappy bird, for crying out loud. So I do have a pretty fast face. It is makeup. It's not a no-makeup breezy look. If I don't need makeup, I won't wear makeup. Simple. Nonetheless, I like this look for many reasons. It can be adapted. It can be adjusted. It doesn't have falsies. (I can't say that word out loud... just writing it is giving me goosebumps)... And it's kind of my go to for anything. It's my comfort zone. It can be turned up or down depending on the occasion. I can go to a wedding or gala with some tweaks or to Publix. I know what I'm getting and it always delivers exactly what I want. When I don't want to experiment, it's 10 minutes flat. I will show you today's 10 minute face and the items.

 Yup I have 10 fingahs... 10 minutes. Pictured below, only 8 of the 10 items.

Here are some more pictures of mah face:

Just so you know, while I'm taking these pics and now posting them all I'm singing in my head is 50 cent's "have a baby by me, be a millionaire"  - as a reader thought you deserved to know the bts of that face. You're welcome. I feel closer to you. This is good...

Here are 10 Beauty Products I use:

1. Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz: it's a wiz... Save yourself the trouble of looking for something cheaper or different... I have spent time and money searching, but this is the best pencil I have tried. Quick and doesn't give you that scary mean muggin' brow look. Forgiving enough for when you are in a hurry. All Around winner. Spooly them into place, fill those suckas in, blend it out with the spooly. Simple.

2. Mac Studio Fix Foundation: I skip primer on my face when I'm in a rush. I'll spray my face with fix+ or evian mist thing and moisturizer again before applying foundation. In a hurry, I'll opt for a damp beauty blender. I like this foundation because it has build-able medium coverage. I don't set with powder. I don't like how my skin looks with powder. Yuck. See below how I set my makeup. I usually start with foundation because my in-a-hurry routine tends to build up to steps I can skip if I'm in a big hurry. I can't skip foundation.
3. Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer: bomba. I love this stuff. I make sure my undereye is mega moisturized. Then I twist this bad boy up and just triangle the underye. I also dab a bit on the lid to mask any purple/olive color I got going on and also if I can use a shadow, I use this as my primer.

4. BH CosmeticsIt's Judy Time Palette: I love this thing. I mean... I love this thing. It's filthy because I love it. Like a book you love that's all marked up and bent, this thing is scuffed up and ugly. I have a 2nd one on deck and I have gifted another to my great friend, Paula . It's small, pigmented, and has an amazing combination of shimmer and mattes. It has 3 fun colors with my favorite selection of brown/warm neutral shades. 

I usually can create something with 1 brush, like a copper or matte brown smokey looking eye where I can semi- smoke the bottom lash line and get away with no liner. Or this blue smoked out look, I posted on IG. I love this look and this palette for it. And the price! Are you kidding!? I can do an entire post just on this little guy. "Ode to the It's Judy Time Palette". (Smh) Another great option is the bh cosmetics Forever Nude Palette. That one has blushes, lip color options, and an awesome highlight. Another more pricey option is the Chocolate Bar by Too Faced or the Neutral Eyes Palettes. 
5. Mk Lash Love Mascara in I heart Black: in a hurry I'm not going to wear falsies. Seriously, what a weird word. I will curl my lashes and apply generous coats of Mascara. I love this mascara because of the wand. Without liner, this mascara is an amazing option because of the length it provides. I love this look. I believe the Loreal Telescopic Mascara is supposed to be similar. 
6. Bh Cosmetics Earth LipL Liner: I line and fill my entire lip... I can skip lipstick. 
7. Faux By Mac: lately this has been my go-to color. I think it's because it has a hint of mauve and I'm just about it lately!
8. Fleur Power blush by Mac: I use a large duo-fiber brush so I'm not gross, but in a hurry, I want pink cheeks. Pink cheeks are an instant face pick me up. 
9. Urban Decay 24 hour pencil in velvet: I use this to tightline, time permitting.
10. Mk setting spray: Mk teamed up with skindanavia for this spray. It's pretty awesome. I don't like using powders to set my makeup because I find that I look dry and fine lines I don't usually have appear when I use it. Many MUA don't like powder. I tend to set with setting spray in between steps if I'm doing something intricate or involved... Or I'm highlighting & contouring. I love this spray.

I kind of love my 10 face. It's easy. It's kind of effortless. It's nice. It's like nutella and wheat thins (that was my comfort food in college... mind you, I weighed a good 15 less then... hmm). What I mean by nutella and wheat thins is that it is comforting. Nice. Tastes good. (That Too Faced Chocolate Bar, boy I tell ya... #nomnom)

What are your favorite in a hurry go-to steps or products? 


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