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Monday, June 30, 2014

Makeup Musings: June Faves... Why Not?!

Especially because I was out of town this month, and because that tends to make you edit what you use or at least you have to use it, I decided to create a post on what my June Faves are since I'm actually leaning towards some products over others. Also since it is summer, there are changes that gots to be made to survive in South Florida. So I hope this sheds some light on some products I'm obsessed with at the moment and hopefully helps out anyone with similar issues.

1. Laura Mercier Foundation Primer in Radiance - Love this. It helps with oil and it helps create the "Glow From Within" look. Love this little guy.
2. L'Oreal Magic Nude Liquid Powder - Oldie but a Goodie. This is awesome for the summer. It dries like a powder and it is a liquid. Not a cream, making it super thin. It has amazing coverage without feeling like you have anything on. Actually feeling like nothing is on. I love applying both of these (the primer and foundation) with this Sigma Brush (F55). I don't consider brushes a favorite... they don't get replenished. I like the F55 over the bigger duo-fiber brush. I love this little face trio for the summer. 
3. BH Cosmetics It's Judy Time Palette- I mean this isn't a surprise. I'm batshit crazy about this guy. Used this on the trip I just went on, and kept re-confirming my love for it. It's small, the colors are awesome. Love it for everyday, for night, for a pop of color, for the everyday girl... I love the Neutrals, and the 3 blues... gorgeous. 

4. Naked Peach by bh cosmetics - I'm just saying, this color is my summer lip right there. Opaque, creamy, and bright. I wrote poke about it here.
5. NYX Lip Liner in Nude Pink - The bomb. Not quite Kylie Jenner, but so cute. I'm loving this liner. This lip combo makes me so happy. 

6. Age Rewind Concealer in Neutralizer - First concealer I've used that has actually helped me with under-eye circles alone... as in no corrector added. It barely creases alone (I hate powders). I loved this on the trip.

7. Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Bronzer - Smells like chocolate. Feels like cocoa powder. It's like butter. Melts onto the skin. This was an amazing sample I received in my Ipsy and I will repurchase. 

None Beauty:
8. Aromatherapy Fragranced Soy Candle from Target in Be Peaceful - Not only does this thing smell amazing (Lavender and Eucalyptus with essential oils of Cedarleaf), but it lasts so long! I'm obsessed with Eucalyptus because it helps so much with my migraines, it elevates my mood, it makes me happy, and it works. I feel peace. So to have this candle for as long as I have, I mean I think I bought this candle with my Kim and Kanye copy of Vogue. We are in July. Suck on that. It says on the bottom that it has 75 hours of burn time. It's definitely a fave, a love, a friend, a hug.... love this crack candle. 

What are your June Favorites? What should be on my radar?

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