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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Makeup Musings: bh cosmetics Lippies & my Favorite Peach for the Summer!


Naked Peach 

Forever Nude

So I don't know if you know, but I kinda LOVE Bh Cosmetics. It's not until mega recently that I've tried the lipsticks. I mean... First of all, Kiss of Approval. The formula is amaze. The 3 colors I tried, I love them. Creamy, not too overly shiny, but not matte, enriching, opaque. I'm definitely a fan. Plus, they don't feel mega heavy on your lips. Second, of all, the price is amazing. For a makeup artist or someone looking to experiment with more daring colors, this price is amazing. I'm so impressed. Overall, I wish they had some more variety in colors, but I kind of want to try some more daring colors like Tea Time (well, that's not that daring) Vixen, Pop Cultured, and Berry Bite. Check out more here! (**P.S. I'm not sponsored, affiliated, or even some kind of a Pro with Bh Cosmetics... I really just like this brand and am including them in the post.)
I'm obsessed with the first color I tried, Naked Peach. It's basically the only color I used for the entire trip to Dominican Republic. I LOVE IT! Mixed with a nude lip gloss, like Mary Kay Au Natural, or Mac C-Thru... perfection! In the pictures I'm wearing it with the Bh Cosmetics Earth lip liner.

 So I thought this pink was going to be more of a soft pink, like a Nude-pink for everyday. It's not that Nude-pink color, but it's actually amazing. I kind of love it. It's a great face-pick-me-up (or pink-me-up) in all of the right ways! This is an amazing work lip, like mascara-and-lip-look. It's this blue-base pink with depth. It's so interesting. Very "cool" color, pun intended.
 And it's 2004 all over again! Wow. Like Creme-de-Nude concealer lip. Yuck. lol Just Kidding. This is totally wearable for pale cool-toned girls IF YOU WEAR SHINY LIP GLOSS. It's actually really pretty. Especially with a gold speckled gloss, or a pink gloss... or my new fave, a purple-y gloss. YES! Another way to wear this lipstick: 
An Ombre Lip
1. Line your lips with a colored liner or another lip color.
2. Leave the center without color. 
3. In the middle, place the Forever Nude lip color.
4. Blend it. Girl, blend it. 


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