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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Ipsy does it Again

Not for nothing, but one of the beauties of makeup (get what I did there beauty and makeup?) is that you c an actually afford to own some of your favorite super high end brands even if it is just in the form of a lipstick. I love when collaborations like Rebecca Minkoff and Ipsy are made and everyone can own a little bit of such a coveted purse maker. Especially in such a cute bag! Have a mentioned I'm obsessed with actual little bags from Ipsy!? For traveling they are a lifesaver, to gather all the little odds and ends, to carry your makeup or even as a clutch.

This month came with 5 products, one of which I already owned and am a huge fan of: 
This NYX  butter gloss in eclair. What!? Perfect baby pink. Love it paired with Mac Myth or Creme Cup or even NYX Nude Pink lip liner. The consistency is perfection, in that it's not so sticky it ruins your hair, but it is sticky enough to stay on your lips for a min. I love this on brides. Love this formula. Love NYX butter gloss. 143 *mwa* just kissed this second tube.

The second item, that I actually swatched first was this Ofra? (I think that's the brand) Eyebrow pencil in the color universal. 

This could be the coolest item thus far. It has actually changed colors since I swatched it, which is pretty amazing, if you ask me. I would love this to use in my freelance kit, of course once I've tested it out on myself and a few others.
That's the first swatch.

And the second one above, I'm not sure you can tell it has actually gotten, dare I say blonder. In ashy way? I'm very intrigued and will follow up with this product.

Next this blue shimmer eyeliner by Nickak New York. 
I wanted to show that tip, because it isn't a typical liquid liner tip. It's interesting to say the least and I've wanted some glittery liners, so I'm excited to play with this for the summer!

Second to last, this Carols Daughter Sacred Tiare styling cream. I've heard of this brand so I'm actually looking forward to using this. I tend to to wait until it travel to use any travel-sized hair products because I don't really care what my hair is doing on vacation, but I've actually wanted to try this one out. There's a mini-win. Yay!

This Realtree eau de parfum sample. It smells, in Nidia-terms, clean and powdery, but not offensive enough to give me a migraine. In other words, I'd possibly use this in my purse to freshen up after I went to Subway, not the subway, but to Subway the sandwich restaurant since one always tends to smell like vomit after. 

So there's my June Ipsy bag unveil. I've fallen head-over heels for Ipsy. I tend to anxiously await for Ipsy over Birchbox. 

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