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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

A-Musings: Fam Trip

We're not a picture-taking kind of family, (a microphone-stealing one, yes, but not picture-taking). So these pictures are pretty epic. I mean, la niƱa has a new camera... I've had one for months, but it's fancy so it will be a new camera for quite some time. 

All of us have been mega burned-out & needing this. Like the vacation was short. So during the day, my routine was yoga, beach, rinse the salt off at the pool, then shower for dinner. Vegetation. Total Vegetable soup. Obviously, I wasn't really thinking about pictures and nobody in this family thinks like that, leaving the only pictures with the dslr the ones from dinner. So here's the A-Musing family at dinner on vacation. Enjoy! :)

Check out them curly-cues:

This is my mother. We were visiting Dominincan Republic, where she's from. We were in the Motherland. 

That's my dad, aka, Big Poppa. 

Cream puffs and chocolate: 

Some iphone outtakes: 
That up top is the ocean view driving from the SDQ airport into the Capital. Amazing.
Yeah, I'm not one to drink these fruity drinks, but I really like pineapple. And I mean, if your cheeks are red, your stomach doesn't know what's happening. 
My beach needs. Let me know if you'd like to know any details on that.
So exotic flower arrangements. I've seen those fuschia ones, but the awesome yellow-orange ones, never in my life. Gorgeous. I want to live in this arrangement. 
That's my baby brother. At the resort we went to, there was a Hibatchi restaurant and the chef flinged rice into our mouths. That's the after pic. Below, Hibatchi heart on fuegs. 

And I mean, a we-out-this-piece selfie is appropriate. 
That's an epic picture for me! I'm the person that has to drug themselves on a plane to not be a threat to national security. I think it's a combo of losing control, like not being a pilot, and some fear of heights. I digress. 

These were the pictures of the A- Musing Fam on Vacation. We went due to some family emergencies, but to have been able to enjoy some of the touristic sides of the country was an added bonus.this is the second time we have stayed at this hotel as a family and just loved it. Last time was during a winter and even though it is supposed to be packed, it wasn't overly packed. It's not overly trendy, like the new Hard Rock in Punta Cana, where some world class DJ or Rhianna will be playing. But that's not my scene when I'm in total vegetable soup mode. Vegetation. Vegetarian Delight. 

What are you up to this Summer? What are your beach essential?

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