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Friday, May 30, 2014

TryDay Friday: This Week's YouTube Roundup

Try Day Friday!! This week, learn how to contour like Kim K, without creasing or looking aged, get good with pigments, and because it's summer, and summer days turn into summer nights, get your smoke on with your perfected summer smokey eye. Enjoy this week's YouTube roundup!!

Alan Gossman's Kim Kardashian Highlight look in your 30s- LIFECHANGING!

Prom makeup look by makeup by Stephanie Nicole- I am obsessed with this makeup artist! She is amazing.. just look her up on  instagram and see her work. Just oozing talent. This, I believe, is her first youtube video and I just love this look. Even for a summer evening. Enjoy!

Of course, Had to include my favorite gal, Nicole Guerreiro, using one of my fave brands, bh cosmetics. This is a Summer Smoke Look, using the new Eye's on the 70's and 80's palettes. 

And because she has hit 1,000,000 subbies (A MILLIE A MILLIE... haha) I have to include a Jaclyn Hill video.

It's been a hectic month, but I'm excited for May and some crazy awesome new surprises!

Check out my what will be my Summertime Jam, here! 

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