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Friday, April 4, 2014

Try Day Friday: YouTube Musings This Week

Friday! Again?! So fast! Time flies when you're having- what?! Fun! (A high school History teacher of mine used to say this daily... Daily! We need to pay teachers more). Time for some videos! 

This has been another hectic week, especially since it looks like I'm about to face a lot of change. Well, we'll see soon enough! I will keep you posted, but send me good vibes just in case. I'm so excited to sit in on one of the final dress fittings with my friends for before her big day and to celebrate with another one for her engagement this weekend! So many huge life moments!

 Irregardless, (If you've seen Shit Miami Girls Say, I'm winking at ya from across the screen)  I compiled some fun videos I that caught my attention this week. From the first makeup collection video I've actually sat through entirely (like beginning to end and even tried 10 second DVR backwards thingy-ing it) to lashes galore- girl, I got you covered. With those Ulta deals last week and the Sephora VIB sale, it is no surprise I went I little crazy with some goodies. OK, I went crazy- batshit nuts. Probably a haul post coming up! :) With videos like the ones I'm showing, can you blame me!?

Muji what?! Noteworthy collection video ALERT! I am obsessed with these toolboxes! Amazing and truly outstanding- as in standing out and making me want to buy the hot pink and neon green tool boxes for my makeup storage. Wow, I'm so obsessed with these Viper Tool Boxes. Check out the rest of her storage and links to the rest of her collection here:

Here we find why I bought my Chocolate Bar Palette by Too Faced! Makeupbytiffany can sell! I love how easy and practical she is about make up and her style. She is also so personable- she becomes your best friend. Check her beautiful candied violet tutorial out.

All I see are Lashes- LASHES on my mind (rhianna came up on my shuffle). I love all of Sona's tutorial's and this one is pretty much a version of a go-to style for me. Now, her use of lashes, top and bottom- so gorgeous! Not over-the-top fake... But over-the-top beautiful! Check out Sona's Tutorial here!

So I think I've included this woman every week I have posted a Try-Day Friday and listen to the explanation in the beginning of the tutorial. Needless to say, I love this woman. Check this tutorial out, especially since I think I did include the video she deleted. The look is natural and easy. I bought the palette from the other look because of how much I loved that last look- well, the lips. You can look just as nice girl! Click here to see why I love her so.

I hope you are loving these videos. Have a fabulous, beautiful weekend... With or without makeup! 

What trends are on your mind? Share with me! :)


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