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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Friday Try-Day is Back! YouTube Roundup!

I've been excited for easy hair looks, and being that I've never mastered the sock-bun, (more like I'm too lazy to actually roll a sock into my ponytail) I was overjoyed to watch this week's tutorial by Nicole Guerriero. From there the back to basics just led me to a lashes tutorial by Camila Coehlo and an awesome summer look perfect for Miami weather. Loving that pink-peach lip situation.

Other than that, I'm so excited for the sephora VIB sale going on. What!? 

Nicole Guerriero's Bun: check out her trick to height! Love the sock-less sock bun. I love that it's so loose and on trend for the spring. Messy up-dos are hot... Get ready to show neck. 

Jaclyn Hill's Summer Look: If you haven't noticed, I'm obsessed with Jaclyn Hill. She's mega goofy and just so amazingly knowledgeable. I'm obsessed with her skills and literally will go buy something because she says so. This simple-looking look is just an example of why I love her. Check it out and subscribe to her. You won't regret it.

Perfect lashes: Lashes take work! I love exaggerated lashes- I mean minus creepy-crawly-spider-leg-looking lashes - everything within measure. I Love this tutorial because it is quick, and although I totally layer my mascara, and have ever since I discovered I could at 15 years of age, many women struggle with mascara application. There isn't a mascara I can't make something happen with, but there are mascaras that are better than others. Like way better than others. I haven't tried either one in her video, but if you have please let me know what you think of them. I have tried similar wands and can say that not all wands are created equally. Mascara alone is a billion $ industry- it makes a difference on a face. So get to layering, lady! 
Hope your week has been fabulous! It has been a bit challenging recently, between family woes and even getting healthy. Nonetheless, I got to make this roundup that I love to do! Enjoy these musings :) 

Xo, Nidia

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