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Monday, March 3, 2014

The Under-Eye-Circles Experiment

My number one obsession, before even cuticles or weight, has to definitely be my under-eye circles. Getting rid of them, covering them, really covering them and not highlighting them has become my lifelong journey in search of my holy grail.

These suckers seem to be hereditary and while I am light to medium complexion with neutral undertones, these guys are a dark brownish color, varying dark purple on awful days. Covering them with yellow concealer never completely covered the shadow and sometimes even made them worse. This of course is not even touching the creasing, the dryness, the ugliness this leaves. No wonder these things can make a girl super self-conscious with or without makeup. 

Then the best part. When I'm highly stressed, under extreme weather changes, suffering from allergies because of the weather changes, or for no particular reason, I also get these dry patches on my eye. It's like this patch of raised skin right below my lower lash line, by my tear line, and sometimes on my lid. These patches make any concealer or makeup just cake-up and look awful. Andddd it hurts! 

So I went on a rampage. Obviously, my eye cream was not hydrating enough or something. I was starting to see some fine lines around my eyes and no signs of any aging anywhere around my face.  So I took matters into more natural hands. I prescribed myself water, got myself some antihistamines, some allergy eye drops, and then the journey began...

First was coconut oil. Coconut oil is the original Windex (from My Big Fat Greek Wedding). I knew coconut oil had many hydrating properties and also many other qualities that would probably be great for this delicate area. 

That burned a bit. That didn't workout too long (as in one night). I love coconut oil on my face, body, etc, especially because it really doesn't break me out. Nonetheless, I did feel slight irritation around my lash line from using it around my eye area and not enough hydration. (Guys, I'm talking severely dehydrated under-eyes).

So on to the next one, and this was going to be Vitamin E oil. Initially, I was worried it would be too thick and could even cause a stye. I was wrong. I applied this in the morning, again in the afternoon, and then at night. After the first day, the improvement was drastic. I mean drastic. I'm not old, y'all! (I'm not at all, now I just don't look it either.) The lines that were starting to form around my eyes were the first ones to just disappear. The more oil I reapplied, the softer the area got. By the end of the second day, the main patch, the ugliest one, started lifting the ugly dead skin. Yuck. I got my MK face cleaning brush on the softest setting with Vitamin E oil and only water and gently exfoliated that area. I have new eyes. I still have my under-eye circles, but they are so much less pronounced! Also, the lines around my eyes have soften, and the ones left are not deep at all. It's a new life. 

Hydrate baby. Only 3 days and I'm a vitamin E convert, believer, follower, admirer...

Now on to covering them. I think I've figured it out... like 20 correctors and concealers later. If you are a concealer addict/junkie like me, let me know if you'd like to see some of the hits and misses, because I'd like to ask you to please share your concealer experiences below.

Help a sistah out with your knowledge and experience.

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