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Monday, March 10, 2014

Style Musings: White Accessories for Spring, Drake, and Mase (therapper)

Hi muses! Seeing so much white coming for the Spring got me so excited I pulled a few of the trends/items I'm (day)dreaming about or am excited about. Check them out!
Wearing white, especially as an accessory is interesting to me. I haven't worn a white shoe probably since my sorority days and I kind of swore all those off since then. Seeing the trends coming up, with the pastels, and the 90's influence, instead of just turning me off, really got me excited! So here are some of my picks :)

First off, who doesn't love a clutch? I think the easiest way to incorporate a trend without committing to it too much is a clutch. It's inexpensive (for the most part- ha!), small, doesn't have to be the whole outfit... the list goes on. 

I'm obsessed with this one Kourtney Kardashian is holding and love how Jessica Alba's white clutch plays into her black and white moment. Next up is the 90's influence on the white and it is awesome! I'm obsessed with this Acne book bag from their ready-to-wear winter collection 2014. It reminds me of Cher's bag in Clueless and the white Jeep Wrangler. #Icant. 

The. Moschino. bag. is. amazing. The gold hardware, the bright white... it's just gorgeous. The last trend, that was made iron-clad by Chanel at Paris Fashion Week, is the trainers-with-skirts trend. Although I think this may look a bit too editorial for me to pull-off now-a-days,  I secretly love this just because of the years in high school "shorty" (me) really wore sneakers with skirts (nike trainers with Express silk skirts and my Gap denim jacket) and people called me out on it. I wouldn't care. I looked cute and I was comfortable at 7:30 AM. This was pre-Abercrombie, pre-makeup to school, pre-ironing my hair. But I was on TREND, PEOPLE! If I could only find one of these old pictures... Classic Nidia. 

So this trend is amazing. Truly amazing. It's amazing to be living a fashion full-circle moment for the first time. Eerie, but awesome. It's like listening to a song being sampled AND YOU KNOW THE ORIGINAL BECAUSE YOU WERE ABOUT IT WHEN IT WAS COOL (cue Drake's worst behavior and I just kept on with Mase's lines from Mo' Money Mo' Problems... which has a sample song in the so weird, but awesome. Weird like I can't believe I'm this old, then you smile when you remember the times it brings up. 

What styles are you excited about this Spring?

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