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Monday, March 3, 2014

Oscar Musings 2014

I usually skip out on the Oscars because they're long and boring and quite frankly, half of the awards are not too interesting. This year, I was actually into watching them, mainly because of Ellen... and Lupita. I'm obsessed with Lupita. She can do no wrong. If you are not yet obsessed with her, check out her Essence Luncheon Speech here on not being light-skinned.

I loved the red-carpet this year, mainly because my girl-crush, Guiliana Rancic, just looked amaze! I highlighted my favorite moments, from the trip, to the pizza, and the barely mentioned, super-cute Modern Floral Gown that Chrissy wore, in the collage above. Even included in Lupita's lip color, Chanel's Melodieuse. Gorge. Enjoy! 

The only thing missing was my girl Guilina's eyes because I have something brewing up my sleeve.

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