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Friday, February 28, 2014

Try-Day Friday #2

This week has been tough. We had some bad news in our family and what better way to escape it all than to throw yourself into beauty tutorials and funny youtube videos. So here are a few I'm loving this week, and yea, I mean Beyonce seems to always make my list.

I love this girl's Motivational Mondays. This video is great. I mean, it helps you remember that a) Beyonce is a little nutty... I mean recording herself for fun is a bit strange, but you number 1, boo. Do you. b) it's ok to feel crummy, but not to indulge in those feelings. Just what I needed on Monday... and Tuesday... and again on Wednesday. ha. 

Dunkin Love: I mean you just can't get your eyes off that Sausage Patty... This is hilarious. Just keeping the Beyonce theme going...

Makeup: One of my favorite Contouring and Highlighting youtube tutorials:

Bake: I usually find the cutest hair tutorials on this channel, but I was kind of in a comfort food kind of mood. I'm not a huge peanut butter, but these look delish. Think I'm going to try them out and just YOLO it. 

Have an aMusing weekend, muses.

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